A Woman Makes a Plan: Advice for a Lifetime of Adventure, Beauty, and Success

Book “A Woman Makes a Plan” by Maye Musk — December 29, 2020

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Penguin Random House (Penguin Life)
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December 29, 2020


The international supermodel shares personal stories and lessons learned from a life of “living dangerously — carefully”

Maye Musk at seventy-one is a fashionable, charming, jet-setting supermodel and public speaker with a fascinating and tight-knit circle of family and friends. But things were not always so easy or glamorous — she became a single mom at thirty-one years old, struggling through poverty to provide for her three children; dealt with weight issues as a plus-size model and overcame ageism in the modeling industry; and established a lifelong career as a respected dietitian, all the while starting over in eight different cities across three countries and two continents. But she made her way through it all with an indomitable spirit and a no-nonsense attitude to become a global success and an unexpected icon in what she calls the prime of her life.

In A Woman Makes a Plan, Maye shares experiences from her life conveying hard-earned wisdom and frank, practical advice on career, family, health, adventure, and more. You can’t control everything that happens, but you can live a happier, healthier, and fun-filled life at any age. All you have to do is make a plan.

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